Sunday, March 15, 2009

Review Of Last Night's ArtWalk

I'm still recovering from last night's ArtWalk in Pomona. We had a great time and once again it was a wonderful night!

Metro Pomona wrote a quick review of last night, calling it 'Vibrant', which it was:

"There's no other way to describe last night's Arts Walk....Vibrant! Downtown Pomona was bustling with activity. The sidewalks, galleries, restaurants, and clubs were overflowing with visitors. People of all ages came, saw, enjoyed, and were impressed. The art galleries continued to out-do themselves as they always do with exciting images and talent. Last night was the "soft" opening for Aladdin Jr., featuring a Mediterranean menu, belly dancers and hookahs, the place was packed and overflowing to the sidewalks."

Read more at Metro Pomona.


  1. Skrip, thanks so much for the plug about the ArtWalk. Glad you had a good time. You know I've talked with a lot of people who live in Pomona, or nearby, and had never been to a 2nd Saturday. When they finally come, they are hooked. And that's a very good thing. We love our downtown and want others to love it too.


  2. Definitely good-times for all!

    Nice to see you and yours out and about for the festivities.

    I'm buying the next round!

  3. Hope you stopped by the Fox and picked up some of our information on the opening next month. As a former denizen of the northeast corner, I know it takes something to be lured away from the much closer Claremont Village, but our downtown has a LOT to offer.