Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Late Night Show With Jimmy Fallon

I am not really a TV person, but I decided to stay up Monday night to watch the new Late Night show to see what's in store. I don't know how long Conan O'Brian had the Late Night show, but I was in my teens when I started watching. So naturally I resisted change, like most of us do initially to many things we hold dear. But, I am all for moving ahead with new things and change as well. So I gave it a chance.

I think Jimmy did well, despite sweating like crazy while he chatted with Robert Deniro. You could tell he was nervous but he managed. He did have a strange 'lick for $10' contest, that I found just weird and pointless. 3 audience members lick 3 random items and get $10. Okay?

Justin Timberlake made it fun to watch with his singing imitations of John Mayer and Michael McDonald. He also has The Roots for his late night band, which I am a fan of. The show is similar to the old one with its strange antics and weirdness. The comparison between Conan and Jimmy is similar, and with time I'm sure Jimmy (his writing staff) will come up with unique funny things like Conan did, such as the YEAR 2000 skit, the string/scissor dance, etc.

It certainly isn't a bomb like the Magic Hour was (I Love Magic Johnson, but not for talk show host), has anyone seen his San Manuel Casino commercials lately? (Geez they're embarrassingly horrible). This time slot is notorious for being more loose and silly than the early slots of Jay Leno & David Letterman. I think we'll see by the end of this week. Tina Fey is to re-unite with him for tonight's show (Tuesday). The duo was known for their funny news hour as anchors for Saturday Night Live.

I apologize for any misspelling or plain bad writing. I don't claim to be a writer, plus I am up much later than I should be tonight. Did anyone watch this show or DVR it?

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