Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mapping L.A. Update

The L.A. Times has recently decided to try mapping the many communities that make up Los Angeles, as many of you may know. It's a pretty cool little interactive map if you haven't seen it. But for some reason, I still feel that they're still missing some neighborhoods. Two that I can think of are Rancho Park which is near the Cheviot Hills area and City Terrace which is above Boyle Heights / East L.A. area.

The Times does mention that:

"Many of these include well-known smaller neighborhoods--such as Larchmont or Little Tokyo--which are listed under larger communities, at least for now."

Maybe that's the case. The good thing is now when you see the news and they mention something about 'Lake View Terrace' or 'Winnetka' you'll know where it is.


You can also read more about the latest work and comments here.

Can you think of any other areas not mentioned?

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