Saturday, March 28, 2009

Have A Great Saturday Claremona

Today is Metro Night in Pomona, which is basically the last Saturday of the Artwalk (for those who missed anything from the 2nd Saturday due to the crowds). Not only that, but the 'Antiques Row' will be open for everyone to enjoy as well, something I've never seen. And did I mention the under $20 special wine tasting at the DBA256 with hor'deveures, or however the heck you spell that. But really, we all know that it's the Pomona Queen on tap why I even get out around here.

No, not for me... I have to leave for Tulare, CA at 7am with friends for a 'get-together'. Not that it's a bad thing, but when it was planned, I paid no mind to the date.

Oh well... you know I will be out there for the 2nd Saturday ArtWalk in April FOR SURE! This time I will try to arrive early, not near 10pm like last time.

Anyways, in honor of our great Lady of Pomona, the wife and I headed up the block to The Press Restaurant in Claremont and had a late dinner. We started with their potato taquitos appetizer, along with 2 delicious "Pomona Queen" drafts. Yummy... so smooth and tasty.

Oh yeah, then the food came. She ordered an enchilada plate and I got the chicken burger with grilled vegetables. As we finished our food and had our 2nd Queen, or 3rd, can't remember right now, the band came on. The band's name is "Lazy Brad Lewis". I must say, these guys play some pretty cool blues music. On our way out, we took a quick snapshot (bad grainy image) of the band:

Anyways, excuse the typos, which I tried to correct while feeling a bit fuzzy. Hope everyone has a fun and safe weekend. And don't forget to cheer for Cal Poly Pomona today in the morning at 10am on channel 2 (KCBS)!


  1. the game is at 10am pacific standard time i thought

  2. Yes, you are correct. I had checked out TV guide the other day without paying attention to the time zone. I've updated the time. Thanks!

  3. I had meal at The Press a year or so ago. The egg rolls were cold in the center and the pasta was over cooked. The beer was good, but thats easy. I have not been back since.

  4. I've heard about the food not being great from other people as well, similar reason to yours. I've only eaten on busy Fridays, and so far it's been pretty decent for me. Their employees have been pretty cool too.

    Yes, the beer is the main reason I go anyways.